Dry Needling Diploma

Dry Needling Diploma

Lahore: 5 to 8 October 2020 at 3:30PM to 8:00PM


4 days of intensive program

Distance Learning Component

Certification Exam

Basic & Advance Lavel

What is the myofascial trigger points? How to manage? Discuss common MTrPs referral zones & its relation to MSK problems.

Understand the difference between DN & acupuncture. Summarize the current literature regarding the efficacy & treatment rationale for DN in treating MTrPs and muscle pain.

Explain indications / contraindications for DN treatment. Practitioner preparation tips for safety & efficient application for dry needling.

Understand the potential adverse reaction & discuss the recommended procedure to manage it. How to assess an indicated case for DN application.

Proper integration of DN into clinical application for different body parts (Muscles-Ligaments-Tendons-Periosteal picking)


International Tutor

Dr. Mahmoud Saad


Associate Senior Lecturer at

Sheffield Hallam University UK.

Fellow Higher Education Academy UK.

OMTA Academy Chairman

Registration Fee:

 PKR. 55,000/-

Last Date of Registration: 15th August, 2020

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