Neurological Rrehabilitation Certificate

Neurological Rrehabilitation Certificate

International Certificate by Primephysio UK

The program will start from 9th March to 11 March 2021

Venue: Islamabad

This fee covers:

3 days certification program
certification by primephysio UK
and Advance Neuro Rehab Institute
Distance Learning Material


  1. Definition of the main systems that cont- rols the normal movement and how the motor learning system work for both the upper & the lower quadrant.
  2. Description of different practical hand skills for adults with neurological disorders
  3. Using an evidence based clinical reasoning for problem solving.
  4. Documenting of patients follow up for functions to be acquired as long term goals.
  5. Evaluation through using the most important scales to measure the functions of the performance of the upper limb, lower limb & trunk
  6. Evaluation of the core stabilizers and the distal mobilisers
  7. Evaluation of the hip, ankle & feet strategy
  8. Discussion of different muscular chains that provides the normal movement patterns
  9. Justification of the imprtance of the motor control theories regarding the neurological condition presented
  10. Formulation of clinical solutions of the popular challenging problems as: Scapular Dyskinesia, Functional reaching, hemiplegic shoulder pain.


International Tutor

Dr. Dania Shereif

MSC PT. Neuromuscular Disorders & it’s Surgeries
Primephysio Senior Tutor, UK
Bobath Trained Therapist. IBITA

Registration Fee:

 PKR. 45,000/-

Last Date of Registration: 15th January, 2020

Register now and don’t miss out this 3 days hands-on trainingprogram by Primephysio UK & Advanced Neuro Rehab, Institute

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